Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sudden Death Penfield - Robert P. Boswell

I often troll the historical newspapers for genealogy tidbits so will periodically post them. Hopefully someone will find some useful information here.

Athens Banner, Oct. 17, 1914
One of the saddest events that has occurred at Penfield in some time, was the sudden passing away of Mr. Robert P. Boswell on last Sunday morning.

Saturday Mr. Boswell appeared to be in his usual health and spent a very busy day. About 12 o'clock Saturday night, he was taken ill and his oldest son, Mr. Hugh Boswell, was up with him until about one o'clock. Mr. Boswell did not seem to be in any danger, as he had been accustomed to these attacks. He told his son to return to his rooms, and he would call him if he grew any worse.

Sunday morning he seemed to be sleeping unusually late, and finally, the family grew uneasy about him. They went to his room and found that he had died while sleeping some time during the latter part of the night. -- Greensboro Herald

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  1. Hello,
    Robert Pelham is my great-great-grandfather. My name is Elizabeth Boswell and my father is Robert McWhorter Boswell III. I am 21 years old and grew up in Athens, Ga. Being that you have listed many counties where my ancestors settled in the United States, I would love to know your name and where you are from.


    P.s. I am writing on this blog through my mother's gmail account. Her name is Tina.