Bairdstown Cemetery

"We’re related to many of the people buried here ... I just don’t know how” is what Daddy used to say as we walked through Bairdstown Cemetery, a small well-kept cemetery located in Bairdstown, Oglethorpe County, Georgia.

Bairdstown Cemetery is now the final resting place for Daddy, his parents, two of his sisters and their husbands, two of his brothers, one of their spouses, and many other people in my family tree. I remember looking at all the stones every time we visited, wondering who these people were and how we were connected. I finally decided it was time to connect the dots. The links below will take you to the blog posts I've written, documenting the people buried in the cemetery. I've used historical records and newspaper articles to tell their stories. I obviously never knew most of them so can't share intimate details of their lives but I hope they would be happy to know they have not been forgotten.

  1. Coraleta McWhorter
  2. Otis Elmore Lankford
  3. Carroll Harvey Lankford Sr.
  4. Mary Daisy Davison
  5. Sarah Elizabeth Davison
  6. Joseph Briscoe Davison
  7. Sarah Cheney
  8. Clark Eugene Lankford
  9. Elizabeth Ann Lankford
  10. Miles A. Caldwell
  11. Enoch Reeves Cheney
  12. Samuel Terrell Lankford, Alice Lankford Griffith, and Lawrence Griffith
  13. William Owen Cheney Sr.
  14. Curtis Caldwell Lankford
  15. Roland Lankford
  16. Floria Mae Burnette Lankford
  17. Grover Bennett Lankford
  18. Mendie Octavia Hayes
  19. Annie Armstrong

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  1. Denise, my Name is Kendall Story. Matt Patrick is my step father. He has been in my life since around 2002 when I was about 7 years of age. His grandmother was Lucille Lankford Epps, of Bairdstown. Currently I am building a home on what was their land in Bairdstown. Luicille & Ralph's home is still standing, but in rough shape. I am highly interested in learning more about the history of the family and that area. I am so happy I have found your blog. Matt's mom, Janice, actually told me about you about a year ago and told me about your interest for genealogy. I would love to collaborate with you. If you have any information at all about Bairdstown, anything in general, that isn't spoken about on this blog, I would love if you could send it to me...if you have a spare moment. Thank you for posting all of the above articles about Bairdstown and your family. I look forward to hearing from you. Please E-mail me at