Saturday, January 31, 2015

52 Ancestors - #21: Bartow Jones (week 5 - plowing through)

Bartow Jones
Bartow Jones, son of Henry Clayborn Jones and Sarah Elizabeth Tuck, was born on August 12, 1861 in Walton County, Georgia. He was my great-grandmother’s brother.

On July 22, 1870, 8 year old Bartow lived with his family in Monroe, Lindley’s District, Walton County, Georgia. The enumerator listed him as Barta.

On June 8, 1880, the family lived in the 415th district of Walton County. Eighteen year old Bartow was a worker on a farm. His father was farming so I’m guessing that since Bartow is the oldest son at home he’s probably helping his father.

On November 28, 1883, Bartow married Ella J. Lumpkin Clegg, daughter of J. Clegg and Francis (last name unknown) in Walton County. Together they had one child (that I know of)—Jesse Manly Jones. Unfortunately, my knowledge of Ella ends here. Did Bartow and Ella divorce? Or did she die? I’ll keep looking.

Bartow and wife Lillie
On December 23, 1888, Bartow married Lillie Ida Jones, daughter of Elijah Jones and Martha Oliver, in Loganville, Walton County. Together they had nine children—Etta Robena, Wayne Belton, Clarence Loren, Alma Elizabeth, Zelma Pauline, Flora Jane, Lennie Rhee, Fannie Lou, and Johnnie Lee Jones.

On June 1, 1900, Bartow and his family lived in the Brook District of Walton County. It’s no surprise that Bartow was a farmer. The census record shows that he rented his farm, that he and Lillie had been married for 11 years, and that Lillie had five children, all of which were living.

On November 9, 1900, Bartow’s son Wayne Belton Jones died in Walton County at the age of 8 years old. He was buried at Bay Creek Cemetery in Loganville in Walton County.

In 1908, Bartow attended a Jones family reunion in Between, Walton County. Click on this link to see a photo taken that day. Bartow is number 11. My grandmother, Floria Mae Burnette Lankford, is number 17. Her mother and my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Jones Burnette, is number 4. If anyone can help identify someone, please let me know!

Bartow, plowing through the fields
On April 29 1910, Bartow and his family lived in the Buncombe District of Walton County. The enumerator listed him as Barto. This record shows that Bartow had been married twice. Bartow was a farmer on a general farm, able to read and write. Bartow rented his farm which was enumerated on schedule 106. Lillie was shown as having had nine children, eight of which were living. All eight were still living in the home.

By February 14, 1920, Bartow and his family had moved to Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia. He continued to farm on a general farm.

Bartow died of liver cancer in Loganville, Walton County on November 22, 1925 at the age of 64. He was buried at Bay Creek Baptist Church Cemetery in Loganville on November 23, 1925.

The picture of Bartow with his mule shows him doing something he must have done many times during his lifetime of farming—plowing through a field!


  1. Thanks for the story. Robert L and Lennie Lou Jones are my great great grandparents. So, we are related.... Wish I knew what happened to Ella.

    1. Kristy, I haven't checked my full tree but did look at my online tree and don't have a Robert L. Jones. How does he connect. Regarding Ella, assume you're talking about Ella J Lumpkin Clegg, correct? I haven't researched that line in a while. Maybe I need to take a new look.