Friday, December 21, 2018

Photos of Christmas past

The 52 Ancestors theme this week is “nice.”

Last week I shared some of my childhood Christmas memories. Well, to be honest, they’re all the Christmas memories I have from the early years. It’s sad, isn’t it. But at least I have a few photos to help keep the memories alive. This week, I want to post the last of the childhood family Christmas photos in my possession. Maybe if one of my siblings has any others, they’ll share with me. Wouldn’t that be nice!

The first photo is my Mama and oldest sister Bonita, who looks like she's probably one year old. That would make Mama about 17. The second photo is Bonita as well.

The third photo is my sister Jennifer. She has a December birthday so Mama would make her birthday cake in the shape of a Christmas tree. Jennifer tells me that's one of her favorite memories. She's about 10 years old in this photo.

This is a photo of four of the five of us, along with two of my cousins. My cousin Harvey is in the blue shirt, standing in the back. His brother Joey is the boy on the left. My brother Michael is sitting beside Joey. I'm in the middle, Jennifer is standing beside me, in the same blue dress she wore in the photo above. And my baby sister Vanessa is sitting in front of Jennifer. This photo was taken in the early 1960s.

This photo is my brother Michael, a budding fireman/construction worker. He looks about the same age as in the photo above.

This photo is the only photo we have of us with my Granddaddy Holland. That's him on the left with me standing beside him. My sister Jennifer is sitting in front of me, then my Aunt Brenda with my youngest sister Vanessa sitting in her lap. My Uncle David is sitting beside Vanessa, my brother Michael standing behind David, and my sister Bonita in the red sweater.

This last photo includes my great-grandmother Hattie (Rhinehart) Shields. We called her Grandma Shields. Mama is sitting next to her with me and my sister Jennifer in front of Mama.

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