Friday, September 2, 2016

Grandma’s carnival glass vase

One of the family treasures Daddy (Sam Lankford) passed to me was my Grandma’s (Floria Burnette Lankford) carnival glass vase. At the time, Daddy told me the vase was a birthday present to Grandma from her mother, Elizabeth Jones Burnette. He said Grandma was a teenager at the time she was given the vase. Grandma was born on November 18, 1897 in Loganville, Walton County, Georgia so would have been a teenager 1910 – 1916. I don’t know if her mother bought the vase specifically for her or if it was already in the family and passed to Grandma. I also don’t know when Grandma gave the vase to Daddy. What I do remember is the vase being at our house for many years.

If you know what carnival glass is, you already know the glass is shiny, iridescent, and colorful. The vase is tall with ribbed sides. It is wide at the top with a scalloped edge, slim in the middle, and then widens somewhat at the bottom of the vase. The vase is in excellent condition.

Thomas Terrell Burnette family, ca. 1908
Grandma is standing on the left behind her mother
Elizabeth Jones Burnette, Floria Burnette Lankford, and Sam Lankford

Me, my brother Michael, and sisters Vanessa and Jennifer. You can see the vase on the left.

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