Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas tree of memories

Like many people, we put our Christmas tree up last weekend, something I always look forward to and enjoy very much. As I look for that special spot for each ornament, I like to reflect on how it became part of our collection. A couple of them moved with me from Georgia to Virginia many years ago; some were given to me by friends, family, and co-workers; some were handmade by myself and my children; and some I bought as an annual addition to our collection.

This sweet angel was made by my youngest son Kevin many years ago.

This Hallmark ornament was given to me by my boss several years ago. I had never seen a Cedar Waxwing in my life and that year, I was lucky enough to see and capture photos of three different flocks over the spring and summer months. You could tell he was excited about the ornament when he gave it to me.

My boss also gave me several Lenox ornaments.

And this beautiful Wedgewood star. He’s gone now so they all take on a different meaning.

Mama always has a crochet hook and ball of thread with her when she travels so I’ve often watched her make these snowflake and angel ornaments. I’ve made sure to get enough to last a lifetime for me and my boys.

Mama also made these angels.

And this ceramic snowman too.

For the last 10 years, I’ve added Swarovski’s annual Christmas ornament. I try to make sure they’re close to a light so they’ll twinkle on the tree. I often catch a prism on the furniture as the sun rises.

Living near Washington, DC, the annual White House Christmas ornaments are a must for the tree.

My boys painted these stained glass (plastic) ornaments when they were young.

My son Chris made these. I always smile when I place the light bulb on the tree.

That same son and his wife made a trip to Busch Gardens last December to see the light display and brought this ornament home to me.

This gorilla has been on the tree since at least 1980. I couldn’t remember where he came from and how he managed to join the collection but my husband told me it was his and he added it.

I made these ceramic ornaments in the 1980s. A friend had a ceremic kiln and we’d start pouring the ornaments in September. I’d go to her house and we’d crank up the Christmas music and sing our hearts out while we poured, cleaned, and painted the ornaments. We’d work on them all during the Fall until we had enough to sell to make some extra Christmas money. Thank goodness I was smart enough to keep some for myself.

This medallion and the Celtic crosses were bought to honor my husband’s Scottish ancestry.

I have several cross-stitch ornaments that I made years ago. This one I made for my mother-in-law one year after we argued about whether Goofy was a dog or a horse. She insisted he was a horse. We had a huge argument about this! I finally wrote a letter to Disney and asked them to settle the argument once and for all. They sent me a copy of Goofy’s bio and confirmed that he was a dog. This was one of her Christmas presents from me that year—I had to gloat a little after all. It came back to me after she passed away in 2006.

This little jug moved to Virginia with me in 1979.

One of my boys made this snowman. Wish I could remember which one.

My mother-in-law had this collection of ornaments that were engraved at Things Remembered. She had one for every member of the family and they hung proudly on her tree every year. Something else we inherited after she passed away.

One of my niece's gave this beautiful snowman to me.

The polish pottery ornaments are a recent addition to our collection. I can blame my friend Amanda for getting me hooked on polish pottery.

Even this tree skirt brings back memories as it was crocheted by a friend's mother from my old neighborhood in Atlanta.

All are special to me and are family treasures. And they make for a beautiful Christmas tree of memories. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

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