Friday, December 29, 2017

Vintage Christmas photos

Several years ago, I scanned a large quantity of slides given to my husband by his Aunt Jean Murphy. The slides were photos taken by his Uncle Ralph Murphy and have given me hours of entertainment. Many are images of places they visited, some are work related, and of course there are family photos. Before the holiday season ends, I thought I’d post some of the Christmas photos from the collection. We can identify some of the people in the photos but not all. If you stumble across this blog post and can identify anyone, I’d love to hear from you. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year!

Aunt Jean
Aunt Jean's mother Charlotte and grandmother Harriet
This group may be part of Aunt Jean's family
Unknown woman winking at someone
Working to identify these boys now. I believe they were members
of the extended Murphy family.
Uncle Ralph and Aunt Jean's Christmas tree
A Murphy Christmas feast
Cousin Patricia Murphy, ca. 1954
Aunt Jean and their dog Boogie
Hotel San Carlos, Phoenix, Arizona
Unknown girl
At Uncle Ralph and Aunt Jean's house
Uncle Glenn Murphy
Uncle Glenn Murphy on the left edge, Aunt Gertrude Murphy, my father-in-law
Earl Murphy, my mother-in-law Mary Murphyand Aunt Jean
That was some office party! Looks like the man may be Uncle Ralph.
The others are unknown.
Aunt Jean's mother Charlotte, Aunt Jean, and an unknown woman 
A Murphy Christmas feast
Aunt Marjorie Murphy and Uncle Raymond Murphy
Uncle Raymond Murphy and Aunt Marjorie Murphy


  1. These photos are bright, crisp windows into your family's history. You're so fortunate to have them!

    1. My husband's aunt gave us over 6000 slides that I've converted to digital. These were part of the collection. There are many more and I've spent hours looking through them. I'm thankful to have them! Thanks for taking a look.