Friday, June 15, 2018

My two Dads

The 52 Ancestors theme this week is “Father's Day” so I thought I'd share photos of the two fathers in my life. The first group are photos of my father-in-law, Earl Murphy, in different stages of his life. We lost Earl in 2015. I miss him a lot.


My husband Charlie and Earl

Charlie, Earl, and sister Colleen
Charlie's brother Pat, Earl, and his Mom Mary in the Smokies
Earl and Charlie
Earl and my son Chris (who could get Grandpa to do anything)

Earl with a paint by number picture he did years ago

The second group are photos of my Daddy, Sam Lankford, in different stages of his life. Daddy is 92 now, living in a nursing home.

Age 16

My sister Vanessa and Daddy standing in front of an early Atlanta airport

Me, Jennifer, Daddy, and Michael at Grant Park in Atlanta

Me, Jennifer, Daddy, Michael, Vanessa, Bonita

This spring -- 92 years young

Daddy and Chris (who could talk PawPaw into almost anything)

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  1. I love your photograph compilation. And your son Chris is a charmer to get anyone to make that face :D