Saturday, March 26, 2016

52 Ancestors – NINE ZERO—celebrating a milestone year (81-2016)

I’m posting this blog entry from my home state of Georgia where I’ve come to celebrate my Daddy’s 90th birthday. That’s right—NINE ZERO—my Daddy, Samuel Terrell Lankford, is 90 years old today! He’s as old as Methuselah as he likes to say. For years, I’ve heard Daddy say he was going to live to be 115 years old because he still had a lot of people to “piss off” (his words, not mine). But now he spends his days in a nursing home and as far as I know, is not upsetting anyone. Our family came together (from Georgia, Virginia, New York, and Florida) to celebrate his milestone this weekend. Most of us were there but some couldn’t make it for health reasons or work. Two joined by phone. I’m sure the ones that couldn’t make it were there in spirit though.

Daddy didn’t give us much time this afternoon. Not long after we arrived he told us it was his nap time and that he was ready for “la la land” so we had to hurry the party along. We chatted a little while and took a few pictures. After pictures he read his cards, blew out the candles, took one bite of cake, and then patiently waited for us to eat our cake. By that time, I think he was tired of waiting so two of my sisters and I wheeled him to his room so he could get his nap. I hadn’t been home since he was moved from assisted living to this nursing home so was happy to see a beautiful dogwood tree in full bloom just outside his window. He always loved springtime and the trees and flowers blooming. I knew he would enjoy that.

Daddy has told me many stories over the years and it’s time to put words on paper. But I’m not there yet so for now, will just share some of the pictures I have of him through the years.

Happy 90th birthday Daddy … I love you! 
Me, Jennifer, Daddy, and Michael

Me, Jennifer, Daddy, Michael, Vanessa, and Bonita

Daddy, me, Bonita, Jennifer, Vanessa, and Michael
Daddy and Vanessa (in front).
Me, Jennifer, and Michael.

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