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52 Ancestors – Scion Jones (85-2016)

Scion (third person to the right standing) and his family
Scion Jones, son of Henry Clayborn Jones, Sr. and Sarah Elizabeth Tuck, was born October 29, 1870 in Walton County, Georgia. He came from a large family of 11 children of which I only know the names of 10—Henry Clayborn Jones Jr., Martha Jane Jones, Elizabeth A. Jones, Bartow Jones, Midda A. Jones, Susanah A. Jones, James William Jones, Scion Jones, Elizabeth Jones, and Mary Jones. The 1900 census record for the Vinegar Hill District of Walton County recorded Scion’s mother Sarah as the mother of 11 children, 10 of which were living. This has been the only record I’ve found for this child so I don’t know whether it was a boy or a girl or what its name was. Scion was the brother of my great-grandmother, Elizabeth Jones.

On June 8, 1880, Scion and his family lived in the Lindleys District of Walton County. His father was a farmer and his mother was keeping house, common occupations for that period.

Scion married Margaret (Maggie) Dellnah Dial, daughter of William M. Dial and Armesa C. Coleman, on September 8, 1896 in Walton County. Together they had seven children—Lenora L. Jones, William Henry Jones, Harry James Jones, Curtis Bell Jones, Lee Otis Jones, Ethelene G. Jones, and Mary Ophelia Jones.

Marriage license for Scion and Maggie

On June 18, 1900, Scion, his wife Maggie, daughter Lenora (Nora), and son William lived five houses from his parents in the Vinegar Hill District of Walton County. The census enumerator recorded Scion’s birth as October 1871 and that he and Maggie had been married for three years. Scion was a farmer and was able to read and write.

Scion and his family attended a Jones family reunion in 1908. The group photo below was taken that day.
Scion’s father Henry died in Between, Walton County at the age of 78 on January 7, 1909. Just over a year later, his mother Sarah died in Walton County at the age of 79 on January 21, 1910. Both were buried in the Jones Cemetery in Between.

On April 17, 1910, Scion and his family rented a farm on Henry Jones Road in the Vinegar Hill District of Walton County. I assume the road was named for his father, Henry Jones Sr.—a former prominent and highly respected Walton County citizen according to the Walton Tribune in daughter Martha’s 1934 obituary. Scion and Maggie had been married for 13 years. The census enumerator recorded Maggie as the mother of seven children, all of which were living. Scion was a farmer on a general farm. His wife and two oldest children were enumerated as farm laborers on a home farm. His sisters Martha and Mary lived next door.

1920 Soundex cards for Scion's family
On January 9, 1920, Scion and his family lived in the Lindleys District of Walton County. He was a farmer on a general farm. Harry, Curtis, and Otis were all helping on the farm.

Scion’s brother Henry died in the Vinegar Hill District on February 9, 1921. He was buried at New Hope United Methodist Church Cemetery in Between. His brother Bartow died in Walton County on November 22, 1925. Bartow was buried at Bay Creek Cemetery in Loganville, Walton County.

On April 9, 1930, Scion, his wife, and three daughters—Nora, Ethel, and Ophelia—rented a home on Lawrence Street in Monroe, Walton County. Scion worked in a cotton mill, hauling.

Scion’s sister Martha never married and lived with their father until his death in Walton County on January 7, 1909. After his death, Martha lived in Between with their brother William for a while. A short time before she died in January 1934, she moved in with Scion.

On April 11, 1940, Scion and Maggie lived on Lawrence Street in Monroe. His daughter Ophelia was the head of the household. Both Scion and Maggie had a fourth grade education. His daughter Nora Jones McElroy lived in the home as well along with her son Thomas. Ophelia and Nora were both spinners in a cotton mill.

According to Maggie’s 1953 obituary, Scion and Maggie moved to Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia about 1946 to live with their daughter Lenora.

Scion’s sister Susanah A. Jones Wade died in 1948. She was buried at Bay Creek Cemetery in Loganville.

A 1950 Atlanta, Georgia city directory listed Scion and Maggie as living at 845 Marcus SE.

Scion’s brother William died in Monroe on June 1, 1952, leaving his sister Elizabeth (Lizzie) and Scion as the surviving members of the Henry Jones family. William was buried at New Hope United Methodist Church Cemetery in Between. Lizzie died on December 2, 1956 in Greensboro, Greene County, Georgia. She was buried beside her husband Thomas Terrell Burnette at Walker United Methodist Church Cemetery in Greensboro.

Scion’s wife Maggie (age 80) died in Atlanta at the home of their daughter, Lenora Jones McElroy on June 28, 1953. Maggie had been ill only two days prior to her death. She was buried on June 30 at New Hope United Methodist Church Cemetery in Between after a funeral held at St. Stephens Methodist Church officiated by the Revs. E. L. Ruark and Rev. John B. Rowe.

The year 1958 ended tragically when Scion’s daughter Lenora died on December 31 after being accidentally burned on December 7. Lenora was buried at Eastview Cemetery in Monroe, Walton County, Georgia.
Scion died at the Walton County Hospital Convalescent Unit in Walton County on April 24, 1970 at the age of 99. He was buried beside his wife Maggie on April 25 at New Hope United Methodist Church Cemetery in Between. The Revs. Johnny Rowe and J. Austin Gladney officiated at his funeral. He was survived by daughters Curtis, Ethelene, and Ophelia; sons William, Harry, and Lee; 14 grandchildren; and 27 great-grandchildren. Scion was the last member of the Henry Clayborn Jones Sr. family.

I contacted Scion’s daughter Ophelia Jones Adams before her death in 2000 and she recalled that her parents were hard working people. She said they didn’t have much money. Her father was a blacksmith and her mother was a housekeeper who also worked in the field. Her father farmed later in life when the blacksmith jobs disappeared.

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