Friday, November 6, 2020

Penfield, Greene County, Georgia

I have never lived in Penfield, Georgia but have deep roots there. At least one member of every generation from my father to 3rd great grandfather (and perhaps further back) can claim Penfield as home at some point in their life. Each one was either born there, lived there, died there, and/or are buried there.

Growing up, we regularly visited my grandparents who lived in Penfield. They passed in 1970 and then we started going to my aunt and uncle’s house in Bairdstown. To get there, you had to drive through Penfield. Penfield was a thriving community during the mid-1800s but things changed after the Civil War and Mercer University moved to Macon in 1871. I can only speak from my short trips there to visit the cemetery, but today, it’s a quiet community with the cemetery, chapel, and a few buildings, some of them abandoned.

Wanting to learn more about the town’s people and history in the hopes of uncovering information that would help me learn about my paternal great grandfather (who I have connected by DNA, but not the paper trail), I started gathering information about Penfield. I recently decided it was time to put it all in one place so created a new tab on my blog for a One Place Study on Penfield. Here I have posted all of the information I’ve collected so far and will continue to add to it as I find more. Maybe it will help someone else with their research as well. 

The photo is my grandma Floria Burnette Lankford and cousin Tony standing in front of the old Mercer Chapel in Penfield.

Click on the link below or the "Penfield, Georgia" tab at the top of the blog:

Penfield, Georgia


  1. Thats me Anthony (Tony) sports oldest.Of course I don't remember having it taken .

    1. Tony, I knew it had to be you or Terry. I love this picture. Found it in some of Mama's old slides I converted to digital two years ago.