Friday, March 26, 2021

Happy Heavenly Birthday Daddy

No stories today, just photos to remember my Daddy, Sam Lankford, on what would have been his 95th birthday.

Daddy, probably at home in Penfield, Georgia

Daddy and his brother Carroll (Sport)

Sport and Daddy, years later in Greene County, Georgia

Daddy and my sister Bonita

Daddy on the left, Millard Lowry of Pittsboro, Mississippi on the right 



I believe this was in the fellowship area at Bairds Baptist Church

1984 in Washington DC
Daddy on the far right with his siblings:
Grover, Liz, Lucile, Alice, and Betty

Daddy and his brother Grover in the back.
Front: me, Jennifer, Michael, Vanessa; cousins Harvey and Joey.
Middle: I believe Ms. Lingerfelt, Lillie Belle Lingerfelt, Bonita, and
Grover's wife Willette (Lingerfelt)

Family reunion - Daddy and all of his siblings in his backyard
Liz, Betty, Alice, Lucile, Sport, Clark, Grover, and Daddy

Daddy in front of our house in Atlanta

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  1. Great pictures. Have never seen those pictures of uncle sam and my dad. Miss them both. Love anthony w.