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Harold O. Church

Harold O. Church, son of Samuel C. Church and Rhoda M. Kiger, was born on April 16, 1908 in Wetzel County, West Virginia. He was the fourth child of four—Archie Odes Church, Arlie Ogle Church, stillborn daughter Church, and Harold O. Church. His stillborn sister was born/died in Anthem, Wetzel County, West Virginia on June 20, 1906, two years before Harold was born. Harold’s mother was the sister of Louisa Virginia Kiger who married James Benton Church, Samuel’s brother and Harold’s uncle. Samuel and James were brothers of my husband’s grandmother Dessie Church. Harold would be my husband’s 1st cousin, 1x removed.

On May 10, 1910, Harold and his family lived in the Church District of Wetzel County. His father was a farmer on a general farm. Harold’s parents had been married for eight years. The census enumerator reported that Rhoda was the mother of three children, all of which were living. There was no mention of the stillborn daughter found in the General Index and Register of Births for Wetzel County, West Virginia.

Harold contracted diphtheria at the age of three years, seven months, and five days and died in Moses Run, Wetzel County, West Virginia on December 11, 1911. He was buried at Thomas Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery in Littleton, Wetzel County, West Virginia.

Death index listing Harold O. Church, Wetzel County, West Virginia

Harold is a descendant of Henry “Old Hundred” Church for whom the town of Hundred, West Virginia is named.

Thomas Chapel United Methodist Church, Wetzel County, West Virginia

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