Friday, September 20, 2019

Surprise photos from a cousin

The 52 Ancestors theme this week is “cousins.”

My generation is slowly but surely becoming the keeper of the family photos, something I’m very happy to be a part of. As the keeper of these photos, I can’t bear the thought of them being locked away in a book or on my computer so I try my best to share what I have so other family members can enjoy them. For my post this week, I’m sharing three photos recently sent to me by my cousin Joey.

I can’t remember the last time I talked to or saw Joey. It’s at least 45 years, probably more. But we recently connected and the next thing I know, he sent me copies of a handful of old family photos. I don’t have many photos of my paternal grandparents and even fewer of my cousins so was thrilled when I opened his email.

The first photo (top right), dated April 1959, are my Daddy’s parents, Carroll Harvey Lankford Sr. and Floria Mae Burnette Lankford, and four of my cousins. Grandpa is holding Joey. Standing in front of Grandpa are my cousins Tony and Terry, oldest sons of my uncle Sport Lankford. Joey’s brother Harvey is standing in front of Grandma, in the overalls. Both Tony and Harvey are holding a toy gun. I believe the photo was taken at Grandpa and Grandma Lankford’s old home place in Penfield, Greene County, Georgia.

Lankford family home, Penfield, Georgia

The second photo was probably taken moments after the first photo. That’s Harvey on the left, Tony standing in the front, Terry standing behind him, and my Grandma in the back.

The third photo, dated October 1959, was definitely taken at Grandpa and Grandma Lankford’s home in Penfield. I remember that house well. It hadn’t been painted in years. Daddy once told me they wouldn’t let anyone paint it. The woman on the left is my Aunt Willette, Joey’s Mom. She’s holding Joey. My Uncle Grover Lankford (Joey’s Dad), is the man in the middle. Next to Uncle Grover is my cousin Tim, his mother Alice (my aunt and Daddy’s and Grover’s sister), and my cousin Kathy.

These photos bring back so many memories and I’m thankful that Joey shared them with me.

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