Friday, June 26, 2020

Nellie Lynne Bryant

This blog post is another in a series connecting the dots in my tree to the souls buried at Bairdstown Cemetery in Bairdstown, Oglethorpe County, Georgia.

Nellie Lynne Bryant, daughter of Eugene Herbert Bryant and Nancy Tallulah “Lula” Bouchelle, was born on January 19, 1889 in Georgia, most likely Bairdstown, Oglethorpe County. She was the 4th child of 14—Raye Bryant, Clinton Bouchelle Bryant, J. Iverson Bryant, Nellie Lynne Bryant, Mamie Bryant, Hugh Crawford Bryant, Rebecca M. Bryant, Herbert A. Bryant, Clark Howell Bryant, Clyde Bryant, Emily Elizabeth Bryant, Noel T. Bryant, William M. Bryant, and an infant son Bryant. Nellie and I are 2nd cousins 3x removed. Our nearest common relatives are Charles L. Lankford and Miss Moore. Her grandmother, Elizabeth Ann Lankford Bryant, was the sister of my 3rd great grandfather, James Meriweather Lankford.

Sadly, something terrible happened to Nellie around the middle of December 1892, when she was just three years old. The Oglethorpe Echo reported that she died on December 30, 1892 after being “badly burned a few weeks since.” She would have celebrated her 4th birthday in 20 days. Nellie was buried at Bairdstown Cemetery. Her tombstone is inscribed with the following:
Nellie Lynne
Daughter of E. H. & N.T. Bryant
Jan. 19, 1889 - Dec. 30, 1892
Gone in her young years
Ere sorrow could stain,
Afar from lifes cares,
Its grief and its pain.
Nellie’s parents lost several children in infancy or childhood. Nellie was the first. The others were Iverson at age 10 months in 1887, Noel at age 7 in 1912, and a son who was born and died in 1909.


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