Friday, February 5, 2016

52 Ancestors – John Thompson Athya (74-2016)

John Thompson Athya
We recently got the sad news that my husband’s uncle, John Thompson Athya, passed away on January 24. He suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and had been in a nursing home for several years. John was the oldest child of George Durie Athya and Bertha Edna Smith. At the age of 90, his death brought an end to that family. In addition to his parents, John was preceded in death by his brothers Howard George Athya and James Jem Athya, and his sister Mary Margaret Athya Murphy. Of course, they all had children so the Athya line lives on but it’s always sad to see a generation come to an end in a family.

We have many photos of John so instead of writing a timeline of his life at this time, I thought I would share some of the photos. My husband and I are now the caretakers of his grandmother’s photos and with John being the first born child in the family, he can be found in quite a few of the photos. And they are just adorable!

Rest in peace Uncle John.

All photos are of John unless noted otherwise.  
Left photo: John with his Uncle Benjamin Gordon Smith who helped raise him
Left photo: John (in glasses) with his brother Howard
Middle photo: John with his brother Howard and Great-aunt Electra Smith Jack of Apollo, PA

Left photo: John with his brother Howard and Grandmother Amanda Horne Smith
Left photo: John with his Grandmother Amanda Horne Smith
Left photo: John with his Mother Bertha Edna Smith Athya
Middle photo: Howard Athya with John Athya

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